A Bit About Us

J ornlr is a website committed to letting you the user have a say in how you get your news. We live in an age of disinformation and media censorship. Jornlr.com seeks to change that by giving the power of fact-checking to the people in a fun and creative way.

We have given you the user the power of fact checking. In a sense you are our editorial team and you are responsible for what is posted on here. To fact check simply highlight text and flag it for a moderator.

There are multiple types of journalists on this paltform. Local, international, amateur, professional, freelance; you name it! However, only the best and most honest will rise up our multi-layer tier system.

The website’s tier system is used to rank and promote good content. Journalists earn jounralistic credibility by getting upvotes and engaging positively with the community. They are penalized for posting misinformation and breaking community guidelines.

Have fun Jornling!

Community guidelines are created as Jornlr’s post content. In a sense, our community guidelines work like the American Legal system which is based on Judicial Review.

Jornlr’s Current Community Guidelines are as follows

Jornlr Reserves the Right to Suspend or Ban anyone who breaks the following rules.

  1. No Doxing
  2. No Public Nudity as this is a Public Platform.
  3. No Intimidation
  4. The right to one vote and one vote only.
  5. Only post your own content (no plagarism).
  6. We do not recognize other fact checking sites or sites that classify organizations or individuals such as the ADL or SPLC as legitimate news source.

Meet The Team

Currently our team is not very large but we have lot’s of room to grow. Apply to be a moderator on our facebook https://www.facebook.com/Jornlr/.

Chelsea G.
Social Media Manager

Kevin M.

Ryan E.
Website Designer

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